Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback to 1910...

A while back, Jerid had told me about this little icecream parlor downtown in OKC. He said it had been around since 1910 and that we should take a trip to check it out. I was so excited because Jerid and I both LOVE exploring parts of history! It isn't very big, but it's got plenty of nostalgia! They serve lunch, as well as, homemade icecream. Layne's favorite parts were the live band and, of course, the icecream. She wanted "Banilla" and she loved it! So, if anyone is looking for something different and fun to do, you should visit Kaisers. It really is like stepping back in time!!!

We have really been working with Layne on brushing her teeth with real toothpaste. She isn't a big fan of toothpaste, but she is getting better! Her favorite part, of course, is the spitting! Hope everyone has a great weekend!