Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out of Town

I know that many of you are probably concerned that Mandy hasn't blogged in about a week now, so I thought I would let you know that she is just out of town! If you are anything like me, you tend to rely on her posts on a regular basis. Let's face it, she is probably the best poster of all of us! The Garvie's left on Sat. for the Baseball World Series in Texas and will be back this weekend sometime. I am sure she'll have plenty of pictures and stories to tell once she gets back. My little brother Lance will also fly in on Saturday to spend a week here. So, we should have plenty to post about in the next week or so! I am at Kandace's working right now, so I don't have my pictures downloaded here. I will soon be posting Lyla's first bath so stay tuned!! We also had Lyla's newborn pictures taken by the very talented Angel Porch, so I will be sharing those with you soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

4th of July!

As most of you know, we had a very eventful 4th, so I have not had a chance to post some of our holiday pictures. We had a great time at the Elwood's with great friends and great food! Brandi had set up some pools for the kiddos and Layne and Ava had a blast (Ava is Nathan Hyle's little one)! Layne loves Derek and Brandi...it's kind of scary that she loves "Fireman Derek", but he is great with her. Here's some pictures of our day...the last day we were a family of three!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Little Lyla Lou!

So, I finally got around to posting pictures of our sweet, little girl! I know most of you have seen pictures of her on Mandy's blog, but I thought I would put some that you haven't seen up on mine. As you know, she was born on Sunday morning at 6:51. I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, but I had a VERY strong feeling she wasn't going to wait that long! Now I know that strong feeling that I was having is called contractions! I had been having them on and off for a few weeks,but nothing ever came of them. I woke up Sat. morning with them, but thought it was nothing. So, Jerid, Layne,and I went to the Elwood's about 3 that afternoon. I decided even if it was something...I wasn't going to sit at home and ponder over it all day! We had a great 4th (I'll post those pics later) and even caught some great fireworks. We got home around 11 and I had noticed that they were getting closer and more painful throughout the night. So, I started timing them and decided that since I had to get Layne to Mandy, it was better to be safe then sorry. We met Mandy along the way and thank goodness she brought Kamryn with her. Once Layne saw Kam, she was so excited to be going home with them! Anyway, we got to the hospital about 2 and less than 5 hours later...she was here!! Everyone is doing wonderful and we feel so blessed to have Lyla join our family. I also want to say thank-you to my sisters and my mom for all of there help...they have been AMAZING! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Lyla and Daddy!

I love this picture!

I think Layne's face says it all!

All wrapped up and ready to go home...

Layne loves her new job as Big Sister!