Monday, August 10, 2009

Angel is AMAZING!

I have been so busy lately and haven't had much time to post. I have lots of pictures that I want to share, but need a chunk of time to download and blog. Lyla is doing great...growing like a weed! We took pictures when Lyla was 5 days old. Angel Porch came to our house and took them. I found out about her on Candice's blog. I LOVED the pictures Angel had taken of Alex, so I went to her blog/website and was AMAZED! Some of the pictures are shown in my last post, but you can see more (including some beautiful pics of Layne) on her website. Just go to then click on potrait site-client proofing-password is lyla. Let me know what you think...unless you don't like them. I don't need to know that!