Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashin Back!

This is my second blog in two days...Mandy, I know you're proud! Since this is my first official flashback, I chose my favorite subject...Layne. Here are a few pics of the last year and a half. Layne has blessed us in ways we hadn't imagined and we thank God everyday for giving her to us! Enjoy!

Introducing Layne Juleian Patterson
Born January 30, 2007
weighing in at 6lbs. 12oz.
stretching out to 19 3/4 in.
Her middle name is a combination of Jerid and I's moms and sisters!
Do you think Jerid was pretty happy...look at that grin!?!

This is Layne when she was just a few months...I always wonder what she must have been thinking during this picture.

My little girl at Christmas time last year! Loved the hat Leia!

This is my Layneypants at 1 year! Yes, I call her Layneypants...not sure why!

Layne this past spring.

This is my precious little girl at a year and a half (two months ago). She is growing so fast! I love this picture...great job Katie!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Things Tag

Here is my list of 5 things...

5 things I was doing 10 years ago...

1. I was a sophmore at OU.
2. I had just made a career choice-teaching.
3. I was living with Kandace, Jayme Hale, and Tasha Johnson
in The Commons.
4. I was babysitting for Chet and Andy aka "The Skinner Boys"
5. I had found one of my passions...Geography!

5 things on my to do list...

1. Clean out my car
2. Clean the house
3. Do laundry
4. Paint the dining and living rooms
5. Go on a "pumpkin date" with Jerid and Layne

5 bad habits...

1. not picking up after myself
2. procrastinating
3. drinking too much dr. pepper
4. watching The Hills
5. shopping too often for Layne or holiday decor

5 places I have lived...

1. Woodward
2. Norman
3. Stillwater
4. Oklahoma City
5. Edmond (though technically, it's still an OKC address)

5 things I am listening to...

1. Austin and Lucy chasing eachother (Kandace's dogs)
2. Pink's "So What"
3. Kandace typing on her blog
4. Me typing on my blog
5. Kandace attempting to sing Pink's "So What"

5 words I hate...

1. Mine,
2. I
3. said
4. no
5. ! This is Layne's new favorite saying and she over-uses it!!!

5 jobs I've had...

1. working at Hillcrest Pharmacy
2. babysitting regularly for the Bogdahn's, Norwood's, and Skinner's
3. OSU mail room...with Annie, Mandy, Katie, Lacy, Leia, and Sally
4. teaching 7-12 grades at Mooreland High School...Go Bearcats! And teaching at PC Capps Middle School 7th grade Geography and cheer sponsor
5. The BEST job in the world...Administrative Assistant to Kandace Phillips at One Chord Song!!!

5 things I have eaten today...

1. smoked ribs
2. fried okra
3. homemade mac and cheese
4. cornbread
5. a fun-sized snickers

We took Lance out to lunch after his swearing in ceremony for the Oklahoma Bar...Don't judge me!

5 websites I visit daily...

1. myspace-I update Stoney's blog daily
2. midfirst bank
4. baby gap,old navy,etc. (usually one of these a day)
5. my favorite blogs

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Hello everyone! I know it has been nearly a month since my last blog entry and I apoligize. We have been very busy this past month. Layne started going to "school"! It was really difficult for her and her mom in the beginning, but she is doing great now. Leia watched her for a few months until I could get her in somewhere...thanks so much Leia! I know it wasn't always easy. We are all moved in, except for those items still lingering in storage, and we are ready to start making some of the changes we talked about early on. So, I will be showing some of our projects in future blogs. For now, I would like to leave you with some pictures of the last month or two. We celebrated an anniversary, attended a few birthday parties, and moved into a new home! We are so excited for Fall (aka football season) and the upcoming holidays! I'll try not to wait so long before my next blog, I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats.

Jerid and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on July 26th...yea us!

A family picture before Chad's big 30th birthday bash

Layne...checking her myspace...naked.

Alexis, you're right...sleeping while eating just doesn't work!

Layne loves popcorn! Like mother, like daughter!

Anabella Rose celebrated her first birthday. Isn't she beautiful!?!