Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

I have been so busy this month, that I have had no time to post! I guess I would rather spend my time having a GREAT time than posting about it!!! So, maybe once Christmas is over I can get caught up on all my posting. So, for now you'll just have to accept my pathetic attempts at a blog entry. These are my two precious is IMPOSSIBLE to get an almost 3 year old and an infant to take a picture together that is worth a here's the best we could do! I hope that all of you enjoy your Christmas with family and friends and remember the truly mangnificent reason for this holiday season!!! Peace and Joy-The Patterson's

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reasons for not blogging lately...

Reason # 1...

Reason # 2

We have been so busy raising these two little dolls that I have had very little time to blog. The extra time that I do have...well, I have to sleep sometime!! We had an amazing Thanksgiving spending time with family and friends. My good friend Tasha was in town for the holiday, and we got a chance to hang out with her and her husband Nick. It was so refreshing to know that some people never change! This weekend Jerid and I are taking Layne to "Breakfast with Santa" at the Orr Family Farm and I am pretty sure that I am more excited about it than Layne! She keeps saying "Don't leave me with Santa"! I wish someone would leave me with Santa. I'd love to go to the North Pole...elves, toys, yummy food and drink, MAGIC!!! Lyla will of course be staying warm and cozy at her Aunt Kandace's! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!