Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Summer Vacation

This summer, Jerid and I took Layne to Angel Fire, NM for a little vacation. She was so excited to be going to the mountains! We didn't take Lyla because we knew she couldn't do much and thought it would be fun to give Layne our undivided attention for a few days! Kandace and Stoney kept Lyla...between Pei Wei and Pink Swirl...I don't think she missed us much! Of course, Layne missed Lyla terribly and we all felt like someone was missing the whole time, so we cut our trip short and went home a day early!

This is the condo we stayed in...

Layne and I spent a lot of time on our balcony rocking baby and taking in that fresh mountain air!
This is Layne riding her first ski lift...she LOVED it!!

She sat like this for a long time...she said the water was just too cold. Of course, she had no problem getting in the hot tub a bit later!

Layne and Jerid feeding the prairie dogs and chipmunks...I love this picture!

Layne attempted the bungie bounce, but she chickened out after a few jumps. Jerid was mad, but I thought it was brave of her to atleast try! The moon bounce was much more her style!

My little Layne at the top of the ski lift...she dressed herself everyday we were there and I just love her choice this day!

She was so cranky once we started walking around on the mountain and a storm was coming in, so we headed back down the mountain and my sweet bug fell asleep.

We had a lot of fun and can't wait until we can go back, but next time Lyla will be with us!


amanda said...

What a fun trip!

The Loves of Lacy said...

Such cute pictures!! You have a beautiful family!!

Samantha said...

sweet pics...and you are right, never the same without the whole fam!!