Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmastime Part ONE

This whole stay-at-home thing doesn't leave me much time to blog! I couldn't wait for Lyla to take a nap, so that I could wash my hair today!! Not that I am complaining...I LOVE being at home with my girls and Bella. It's just a lot of work...ALL THE TIME!!! Anyway, here's some pictures from the first part of Christmas. After reading Mandy's Christmas blogs, I realized how much we have in common...I too feel it's very important that the girls wake up at there house Christmas morning. Yes, this might seem selfish because I woke up at my house as a kid and want my kids to have that same experience. Plus, it's our time as a family to make memories and someday it will be their time with their families. I am AMAZED at how many parents and in-laws are just baffled by this concept and really kind of mean about it. Many of my friends with young families have had a difficult time getting the grandparents to accept this...thank goodness Jerid and my parents are very good about it! Layne was really starting to figure things out this year, so it was a lot of fun!!

Layne putting the star on the tree...with some help from Daddy!
We got our very own Elf on a Shelf this year and Layne loved finding him each morning! When we were trying to decide on his name, Lyla kept doing the OSU gun sign and saying GO we decided to name him POKEY!!
Pokey came with a book explaining his job and how everything worked...

We went to the Christmas Eve service on the 23rd this year. Lance was flying in on the 24th and I knew things would be crazy, so the 23rd was better for us! Like Mandy, this is my very favorite part of Christmas. The service was beautiful and the message was perfect. This is the moment I feel closest to God and I tear up during Silent Night every year...something about God, family, and Christmas that just makes for a perfect moment!
Me and my sweet girls!

Layne in her Christmas dress...she kept telling everyone it was Waterfall Blue!!

Lyla in her Christmas dress...she was so happy and proud of her outfit!

Christmas morning...I like that Layne wasted NO time getting in to her Hershey Bar! The baby beside her was from Santa...she named her Dellie (she must have been really hungry or something).

Yes, she did get tape in her stocking...I can't stand it that she's always stealing mine.

We had to wake Lyla up...can you tell?

Lyla got this chair from Santa and she's modeling her new winter hat!

We had an amazing Christmas and I will try not to wait too long to post the rest of our holiday...I just wouldn't hold your breath!!!


Leslie said...

Looks like you all had a very nice Christmas! Love the name Dellie - Too Cute!

Hilary said...

Love the post. Your girls are so cute-so are you! I agree about being home on Christmas morning. We stayed here and left the day after Christmas. I also agree about staying home and not having time to do anything. Crazy how you feel so busy, yet feel like you're not getting anything done. Hollace's first doll was named Jino (with a long i and o). I bet she and Dellie would be great friends!

Joan Anne said...

Christmas season is really nice as well as your posts.!

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