Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday...Tiny Dancer...and Tiniest Dancer!

Layne's dance studio put on a Christmas show about a month ago. This is Layne's first year to take dance and she is in a ballet/tap combo class. She does really well, but she always tells me that it's so much work and she gets tired! I try to explain to her that most things worth learning takes hard work to achieve. I was never a dancer (those of you that cheered with me know this)...I just had to be good enough to fake it or hide behind someone else! Annie, I apoligize for all those times that I tested your patience when you were teaching me a new dance!! Anyway, I was proud of how well Layne did. They start at age 3, so she is very young. Many of the girls this age stood like a deer in headlights or ran off crying into the arms of their mom! So, I was just so excited that she did this well!!! The tiniest dancer next to Layne is Anabella...she really has her shuffle down! Just thought I would share this proud of my tiny dancer!!


Samantha said...

Dadgummit, Kristen, she is adorable!!!

Annie said...

How cute was that? VERY! I loved how Layne kept looking at Anna and she was looking at Layne. Precious girls! And you did not try my patience silly girl, give yourself more credit. You did great!