Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Rest of Christmas...

So, I promised you the rest of our Christmas and here it is...

After opening our gifts Christmas morning,we drove to Woodward to celebrate with my family. It was nice because both sets of Grandparents were able to drop by and visit. We just don't get to see them enough! Once again my parents out did themselves. We had so much yummy food and the kids were overwhelmed with gifts!

Lyla opened her first gift, a puzzle from grandma and grandpa...she carried it into the kitchen and I didn't get much help from her after that!
Layne digging in to her gifts...I love how happy she is in this picture!

Lyla decided to rejoin me for this present from Reece...she finally figured it out..sort of!

Layne got a Fisher Price ixl from Jerid and I, but I was soon wishing I would've got Lyla one too...she loves playing with it.

On Sunday, we celebrated with Jerid's family. We spent lunchtime at Jerid's grandpa's house. It was so nice to see everyone...Dar got to help Lyla open all of her gifts!

After lunch, we headed to Jerid's parent's house to spend the rest of the day.

Layne got lots of arts and crafts sets which she LOVES! Oh, and she got this little ballerina dress which she couldn't wait to wear to dance!!

Here's Lyla checking out her new doll from her Papa and Nana story...it's so cute...just wish it had a volume button!

Diane always makes gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate. They have such a blast doing this...of course, Autumn and Layne feel that "more is more" instead of "less is more" ! Lyla even participated this year!

I think she got more on her face than her gingerbread man!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our friends and family!!!! Now on to 2011....

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Hilary said...

Great Christmas photos! Such cute girls! I still haven't posted any Christmas pics-I'm having technical difficulties with my computer-maybe I'll get it done before January is over.